Guarantees of electronic transactions

   Given the problems mentioned, shall be submitted not legally guaranteed transactions in the financial and stock markets performed through private electronic systems, including those belonging companies that are not legal persons according to the Ukrainian legislation. The document containing the necessary conditions confirming the transaction and the transaction in these systems has a very non-traditional practices to Ukrainian vessels form: it is in English, includes a conventional systems to reduce and informal dialogue ("base") between dealers as counterparts of handwritten signatures of the parties are users of the codes and code dilera.32
    In addition to the designated, there is a problem of electronic transactions: in-laws remain current and direct requirements mandating the use of traditional paper documents, the appropriateness of which is explained Only the fact that a paper document can be read with the naked eye, and the messages transmitted by electronic communications. - Only after printing. Accordingly, in the domestic law should more fully reflect the electronic data exchange in terms of the optimum ratio of administrative norms and private law, and to develop all the necessary criteria for compliance with mandatory written form by using electronic documents. This task is require the creation of new rules at both the law and industry therefore acts should be considered use of electronic media at the conclusion of transactions if the parties are the written confirmation their intentions to commit a particular transaction.